Reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency
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Nantong Xingang Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. Through continuous reform and innovation for more than ten years, it has independently developed a series of intelligent, environmentally friendly automatic pre-twisted hardware production equipment and pre-twisted mold development and manufacturing, and the company produces A full set of pre-twisted fiber optic cable fittings, power fittings products. The equipment mainly manufactures intelligent aggravated pre-twisted wire forming production line, pre-twisted duckbill automatic forming machine, anti-vibration hammer steel stranded wire automatic straightening and cutting machine, providing a complete set of pre-twisted hardware production process technical support, and in the national grid at home and abroad It is widely used in networked enterprises, which reduces the labor intensity of enterprise employees, improves production efficiency, and improves product quality.

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Reduce the labor intensity of employees and improve production efficiency!