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Jiangxi increases the province's outsourcing power purchase and promotes time-sharing transactions

Since the beginning of winter in 2021, due to the superposition of various factors such as hydropower dry season and unstable new energy output, the power supply and demand in Jiangxi Province is facing challenges. While tapping the potential of power generation in the province, actively increasing outsourcing power to fill the power supply gap, giving full play to the market-oriented means of time-of-day trading, and promoting peak-shaving and valley-filling on the power side will undoubtedly help the smooth operation of the power grid and stable power supply Important move.

Open up the key to internal and external connections, and smooth out the channels for purchasing electricity from outside the district

On June 21, 2021, Jiangxi¡¯s first UHV line-¡À800 kV Yahu DC was completed and put into operation, which changed the situation of Jiangxi Power Grid's weak external connection and weak internal power draw capacity for many years, and greatly improved Jiangxi Power Grid Ability to receive electricity outside the area. From January to October 2021, a total of 20 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity across provinces will be completed, which is much more than 13 billion kilowatt-hours in the same period last year. Especially in the summer of 2021, the large-scale purchase of electricity from outside the district through the Yahu DC and the three inter-E-Jiang provinces has played an important role in the summer peak in Jiangxi Province.

However, with the advent of winter, hydropower has entered a dry season, and various factors such as wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy output are superimposed. The output on the power generation side has dropped overall, while the load on the power consumption side has continued to rise. Outsourcing power becomes more difficult. "We have tried every means to flexibly adopt a number of measures for trans-provincial transactions, and do everything possible to expand the scale of outsourcing power." said Xu Yuan, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Electric Power Trading Center.

What are the specific measures? Xu Yuan introduced one by one, and one was to win support from multiple parties. Strengthen communication and reporting with the Beijing Power Exchange Center, the Central China branch and the sending provinces to ensure that the cross-provincial electricity consumption during this winter will increase by more than 50% year-on-year. And combined with the actual demand in the province, give full play to the peak-shaving ability of inter-provincial power purchase, that is, under the premise of keeping the total amount unchanged, purchase more electricity during peak hours and less electricity during low valleys; second, strengthen the implementation of monthly plans during the winter period Put it in place to ensure the rigid implementation of the annual plan. Judging from the total amount, Jiangxi¡¯s outsourcing power has completed its annual plan in the first 10 months, and insisting on implementing the annual plan on a monthly basis can ensure that the second two months of this year (high-load state of electricity in winter) can also enjoy the plan. The "rights". The third is to increase the proportion of Yahu DC power distribution. From 50% in early July to October gradually increased to more than 85%. This means that the electricity transmitted from Yahu DC is mainly "retained" in Jiangxi, and 100% of the "green electricity" from Sichuan Baihetan Hydropower Station is consumed in Jiangxi.

Be prepared for danger in times of peace and be prepared for a rainy day. In order to ensure the power supply for this winter and next spring, the company started early, acted quickly, and kept a close eye on it. As early as July, the company signed a power purchase contract with the Three Gorges Group for the Baihetan Hydropower Station, ensuring Jiangxi¡¯s new electricity generation of 500 million kilowatts in November and December. Time. "Under the current shortage of electricity and coal in Northwest China, the company is still trying every means to purchase electricity from Xinjiang to ensure an additional 600 million kilowatt-hours of electricity in January next year." Wang Yu from the Comprehensive Statistics Division of the Development Planning Department of the company introduced.

Thanks to the support and guarantee of stable outsourcing power, a large number of thermal power units in our province have been able to "rest and regenerate" after the peak summer months, and have completed the necessary maintenance. At the same time, it is beneficial to the coal storage of thermal power plants in the province. Be more fully prepared for the peak of winter.

Implement time-sharing trading to tap the potential of market-based means to "shift peaks"

In recent years, the economic and social development of Jiangxi has shown a trend of "reinforcing with stability and improving with stability", which has led to substantial growth in both electricity consumption and electricity load of the whole society. Jiangxi Power Grid has strongly supported the rapid economic and social development at an ultra-conventional construction speed. The power supply and demand in our province are generally balanced, but it is greatly affected by the power structure and seasonal characteristics of the load, which is dominated by thermal power. There are seasonal and time gaps in the power supply.

How to use the "hands of the market" to resolve the "peak and valley difficulties" of power supply and demand? In 2019, the Jiangxi Provincial Energy Bureau discussed with Jiangxi Electric Power Trading Center to carry out the research work of time-sharing trading, and started the simulation operation of time-sharing trading in 2020.

Xie Zhonghua, director of the trading department of the Jiangxi Electric Power Trading Center, introduced that the time-sharing trading mechanism is to divide the four time periods of "peak, flat, valley, and peak" according to the seasonal load characteristics of the province, and set the price upper limit for the corresponding time period differentially, and guide it through price signals Users use peak-shift power to achieve fast and flexible demand-side response.

"In the summer peak period of this year, there was a short-term power supply gap in our province, and the maximum peak load of 350,000 kilowatts was transferred through time-sharing trading users, which played a positive role in alleviating the tight supply and demand situation in the province." Xie Zhonghua said.

Jiangxi Yinshantai Cement Co., Ltd. is located in Shangli County, Pingxiang City. It is one of the first large electricity consumers in our province to participate in time-sharing transactions. The company has built two new dry-process cement clinker production lines with a daily output of 5,000 tons, with an annual electricity consumption of about 117 million kilowatt-hours. According to Li Saiming, the general manager of the company, after the implementation of time-sharing transactions, the company adjusted its production operations in a targeted manner, and arranged equipment such as grinding systems with high power consumption to be produced in low or flat sections. He calculated an account: ¡°From April to October 2021, over half a year, more than 2 million yuan was saved in electricity bills.¡± This result made him very satisfied, looking forward to greater results after the peak-to-valley spread widened.

It is understood that up to now, there are 6,689 market-oriented power users in Jiangxi Province, of which 996 have participated in time-sharing transactions by signing medium and long-term power contracts. "Although the number of customers participating in time-sharing transactions accounted for only about 15%, the proportion of electricity accounted for more than 60%. This fully shows that the major electricity users participating in time-sharing transactions The introduction has further increased the peak-to-valley spreads and increased the enthusiasm of customers to participate in time-sharing transactions, which has a greater effect of shifting peaks and valleys." Liu Min, director of the settlement statistics department of Jiangxi Electric Power Trading Center, further explained.