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Bending machine

Nantong Xingang Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. Through continuous innovation for 13 years, it has independently developed a series of intelligent and environmentally friendly automatic pre-twisted fittings production equipment, and produced a complete set of pre-twisted optical cable fittings and electric power fittings.


Mechanical and electrical technical specifications for bending machines

1. Electrical parameters

1; The rated voltage of this machine is AC380V, 3P+PE. 2; The rated power of this machine is 3KW.

3; The rated current of this machine is 5.5A. 4; The rated frequency of this machine is 50HZ.

Two, electrical configuration

1. This machine adopts Mitsubishi fx series plc 2; the touch screen adopts Weiluntong TK series 7-inch screen.

3; The remaining auxiliary electrical appliances are Schneider or Siemens. 4; The main rotation adopts Hyde brand high-power servo driver and servo drive motor.

Three, security configuration and human-computer interaction

1; There is a manual operation interface on the touch screen, which is convenient for the operator to debug the machine. 2; Process parameters can be modified and set at any time on the touch screen.

3; Bending speed of 0-2000 sets/shift products, (take GDE-35 as an example), capable of manufacturing bending wire diameter 1.78-5.18mm (galvanized steel wire and aluminum clad steel wire), 1.78-9.27 aluminum alloy wire.

Fourth, the mechanical part

1. The fuselage steel plate adopts high quality Q235 (Maanshan Steel). 2; The frame square tube adopts Wuxi 6 dragons.

3; The gear adopts 40CR quenching and tempering treatment, the tooth surface is high-frequency quenched, and the surface is blackened and anti-rust treatment. 4; Other mechanical parts adopt 40CR quenching and tempering treatment.

Five, standard parts

1; All screws adopt 8.8 grade. 2; All bearings use Harbin shafts. 3; The seal is made in Taiwan. 4; The customized cylinder adopts Wuxi Dachuan.

Six, paint

1; The paint adopts automobile paint (Eagle paint). 2; The equipment is light blue and yellow.