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2m lengthened pre-twisted automatic sand spreader XGPS-1

Nantong Xingang Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. Through continuous innovation for 13 years, it has independently developed a series of intelligent and environmentally friendly automatic pre-twisted fittings production equipment, and produced a complete set of pre-twisted optical cable fittings and electric power fittings.


2m lengthened pre-twisted wire automatic sand spreader XGPS-1 electromechanical technical specifications

1. Electrical parameters

1; The rated voltage of this machine is AC380V, 3P+PE. 2; The rated power of this machine is 400W.

3; The rated current of this machine is 1.5A. 4; The rated frequency of this machine is 50HZ.

Two, electrical configuration

1. This machine adopts Mitsubishi fx series plc 2; the touch screen adopts Weiluntong TK series 7-inch screen.

3; The remaining auxiliary electrical appliances are Schneider or Siemens.

Three, security configuration and human-computer interaction

1; There is a manual operation interface on the touch screen, which is convenient for the operator to debug the machine. 2; Process parameters can be modified and set at any time on the touch screen.

3; Equipped with a double-stroke switch to prevent wrong glue spraying in a wireless state. 4; The speed of glue spraying and sanding is about 1M/S, which can be used for sanding processing of various products (different materials, different sizes, and different directions of rotation), and randomly matching sand discs, guide molds, etc.

Fourth, the mechanical part

1. The fuselage steel plate adopts high quality Q235 (Maanshan Steel). 2; The frame square tube adopts Wuxi 6 dragons.

3; Other mechanical parts adopt 40CR quenching and tempering treatment.

Five, standard parts

1; All screws adopt 8.8 grade. 2; All bearings use Harbin shafts. 3; The seal is made in Taiwan. 4; The customized cylinder adopts Wuxi Dachuan. 5; Customized wire feed wheel adopts polyurethane material.

Six, paint

1; The paint adopts automobile paint (Eagle paint). 2; The equipment is light blue and yellow.